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{September 6, 2010}   Changes

Today I had a little extra time (when I probably should have been studying) to look through my old blog posts and my old twitter accounts. It’s amazing how much life changes, friends change, relationships change, and God reveals more of his plan for your life. Three years ago when I started Clemson (feels like just yesterday) I would have laughed in your face and called you crazy if you had told me the adventures that college would have for me. Some of them hard (when my granny passed away and my apartment caught on fire) Some of them funny (lifejacket diapers at the lake with Lauren and Cory-Marie and eating my birthday ice cream with forks because I didn’t have spoons) others memorable (spending my 19th bday watching the sun rise at Pretty Place, getting saved & baptized at Newspring) Many more can be added to that, the roommates I have had, the first Clemson football game, road trips, service oppurtunities, homegroups, tears and laughter with best friends 🙂 All of these things have made me who I am today. Sitting in a different country far from my family and friends, I believe that God has complete control over life and that we all should strive to be closer to HIM and that nothing is impossible. I went from the terrified to take any risks girl to the girl who changed majors at the end of my junior year and hopped on a plane to spend half a year in a country where I knew no one and barely spoke the language. My prayer today is that I will seek God in every moment in my life and that I will NEVER be afraid to take a risk. I also pray that if you are reading this you will take that risk that you know you need to. Whether it’s a small risk of talking to someone or a big one of moving to a different country or changing majors. Just remember that though you will have rough times, God will be there 🙂 Peace and Love


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