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{September 29, 2008}   Accountable? Cuz ya need it…

One of my friends had a pretty amazing blog about accountability and he is SO right. We have accountability so that we don’t fall into sin, not only so that we can tell someone about our sin after the fact. I have found in my life that when you got accountability it makes life so much easier. Temptations are so hard to face yourself. Me and one of my friends are accountability partners at parties. We have become Team Sober (and we pretty much rock at water pong). When you have an accountability partner and you can overcome sin, like getting drunk, people notice and start asking questions. Those questions lead to intense discussion and people learn and grow. You can’t just trust anybody to keep you accountable because not everybody cares. So go out and find a group of people you can lean on in times of hardship (because we will all have times of hardships!!!). But remember what BCoop said about showing our fronts to the world and have our Christian friends get our backs. Do a backwards huddle and you see that we are facing the world eager to help them, but have our friends supporting our backs in case we fall. So go out and show Christ to the world, but remember that your friends are there and got your back when you need it.


Joshwahhh says:

Obviously I agree 😀

water pong cracks me up. I like the new layout of the blog – good job!

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