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{September 26, 2008}   So Easy

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get consumed with our own lives? Think about the people you see everyday as you walk across the library bridge. And don’t feed me that crap that they aren’t the same people. You see these SAME people everyday because when you see them outside of school you sit and wonder where you know them from. How many people do we let walk by us EVERY SINGLE DAY and not say one word to them. We don’t know what they are going through. They could be having the most amazing day ever and brighten yours or the could be having the worst day ever and a smile and a warm, “Hello, how are you.” could change their day. No wonder so many people are walking around lost, confused and depressed. We as Christians are too absorbed in our own little worlds to show the love to those around us. I’m not getting on to ya’ll because I’m guilty of it to. So next time you sit at a table in the library say a few words to the person sitting at your table, make friends with that person in your class, and that person next to you at the football game or in line. Guys we have SO many missed opportunities because we treat our lives as more important than loving on others. We need to get it together.


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