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{September 19, 2008}   Just a Thought

Tonight at FCA, the speaker said something that got my mind to wandering. (yeah i know in the middle of the message, but it was a good wandering) He was talking about a drama that was put on for a high school and how at the end the speaker came up and pretty much said that we aren’t granted a tomorrow.

That’s when my mind set off on its only little tangent. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Only the minute we live in here and now. What if I knew today was my last day before Christ came back? I started thinking on my regrets, missed opportunities, positive moments, influential moments, and thats when i realized, I wasn’t living my life like I didn’t have tomorrow. I had been putting off my Bible studies thinking that I would do them when i finished my homework (which will never happen 🙂 ) I had been passing up opportunities to hang out and get to know new people. I pretty much had been overlooking God and getting dragged down by life. So what if you knew this was your last day? Would you change anything? Would you do anything? Would you be ready to see Christ? These are all questions we should ask ourselves.


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