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{July 31, 2008}   The Great Outdoors

I love camping, fishing, hiking and pretty much anything else outdoors. I can deal with bugs unless they startle me. I don’t mind roughing it and can go without electricity and make up for extended periods of time. Your probably wondering why I’m saying all of this. I just want to be clear that I am not a frilly girl who can’t deal with the great outdoors. But, tonight the reason its 3:37AM and I still haven’t hit the sleeping bag is because of these so called bugs. I waited until too late to crawl in my tent. As I walked toward my tent i saw a web. One spider I can deal with. I killed the spider and then randomly decided to check and make sure there were no more hiding in the crawl space above the tent. To my not so pleasant surprise I found MORE spiders! This time they were where I could not reach them. Hence, not allowing me to pass into the tent. Upon closer inspection I realized my other great fear had come true. A couple of weeks ago while camping I awoke to a tent covered in ants (and when i say covered i mean COVERED) and two spiders greeting me at the door. As I looked at my tent closer in the darkness of the night I realized that once again my tent was being taken over by ants. Go figure. So that means a couple more hours up before i can see to kill all the bugs and catch some shut eye….oh how i love the great outdoors 🙂


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