Ashley’s Weblog

{July 2, 2008}   I Stand Amazed

Have you ever had that feeling that God is washing through you and around you? It’s such an amazing feeling you want to hold onto it forever and ever. It’s nothing but pure, unblemished peace. It amazes me how great and awesome God is. After watching facing the giants for the five hundredth time, I feel stoked about God working in us, through us, and around us. Lately God has been telling me to continue to pray for rain, but to also prepare for it. Not rain in the literal since, but God’s about to do something hardcore awesome. I pray that He changes our hearts for Him. I pray that what breaks His heart will break mine. I come humbly before God knowing that He has the power to start a revolution. Set the fire in our hearts for you. I have now words to describe how incredibly awesome God is. And even if I did, I still think that it would not fully describe how awesome He is.


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