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{May 25, 2008}   Thankfull? Maybe

The words to that country song are running through my head right now… “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.” I had the unfortunate pleasure of running into my ex-boyfriend today at the lake. I knew it was bound to happen, but for some reason we manage to miss each other every time. He is the boy I “loved”. You know the type. The smooth talker that you think you are going to be with forever. Your first love. When I saw him today that song became true for me. I realized that all the time i spent mad at God after we broke up, was a complete waste. He is nothing like he was back then. And I realized in that instance that God didn’t want me to go back to that. I sat there and thanked him for those unanswered nights of prayer where I didn’t see God’s big picture. I had wanted my way and had gotten mad at God about it. I turned my back on Him because he wouldn’t answer my wishes. Now looking at the things i have now. The friends i have made, the people i have met, the lives I’ve affected, I realize the bigger picture. So next time I decide to doubt God’s perfect plan and timing. I will look back on this experience and remember that He knows what he’s doing. I found this on Godtube and it pretty much sums it all up. (p.s. you gotta watch it to the end!)


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